My Favorite Orphans

Despite nearly insurmountable odds, Louie Armstrong, Frodo Baggins, and Leon Leonwood “LL” Bean went on to lead notable lives. Even without any parent campaigns, I'm hoping that these sweet children can do the same. 

Orphan #1: PADI

You may remember PADI from earlier on in this portfolio. Here's a different strategy for that same project. The good orphans mustn't die. 

How do you describe Scuba Diving to someone who has never experienced it?

Art Director: Paige Murphy

Two orphans for the price of one. You never see deals like that!



Orphan #2: Boar's Head

Big Breakfast is hiding something. Something big.

Art Director: Mikayla Belson

Co-writer: Joshua Childers


Orphan #3: Helen, GA

In 1969, a logging town by the name of Helen decided it wanted to be an Alpine Bavarian village in order to attract tourists. In 2018, we gave it to some fake folk history to match.

Designer/Art Director: Hannah West

Cowriter: Stuart Tierney


Orphan #4: JAWS Cleaning Solution

Art Director: Christopher Vanderkleed

Buying a cleaning solution that dirties the environment is pretty counterintuitive when you think about it.