Art Director: Julia Ball

We As human beings are Drawn to fire.
We’re also Drawn to Flame-Grilled Whoppers.

What if we Lit our whoppers on fire?

** We understand the legal obstacles here, but we're pretty sure we've got that covered with our disclaimers.



How it works:


Step 1: Stoke the flames with Instagram content and in-restaurant posters.

Step 2: On May 2nd, provide customers with the tools to set their meal on fire. This includes: a Fire Tool, (single-match matchbox), an Adult Meal box/waiver/launch pad, and a Whopper wrapped in both flame resistant paper, and highly flammable flash paper.

** I had a really good time writing legal copy. This is also the closest I've gotten to fulfilling my parents' dream of law school. Click the audio to join in on the fun.