Art Director: Julia Ball

We As human beings are Drawn to fire.
We’re also Drawn to Flame-Grilled Whoppers.

What if we Lit our whoppers on fire?

** We understand the legal obstacles here, but we're pretty sure we've got that covered with our disclaimers.

How it works:

Step 1: Stoke the flames with Instagram content and in-restaurant posters.

Step 2: On May 2nd, provide customers with the tools to set their meal on fire. This includes: a Fire Tool, (single-match matchbox), an Adult Meal box/waiver/launch pad, and a Whopper wrapped in both flame resistant paper, and highly flammable flash paper.

** I had a really good time writing legal copy. This is also the closest I've gotten to fulfilling my parents' dream of law school. Click the audio to join in on the fun.

April Fools?